Interview für das StartUp-Handbuch

Jan Hafkesbrink im Interview


1. Since when does your company exist?

I founded in 2014 as a side project. But it quickly grew to a bigger challenge.

2. How many people are working for your start-up?

Currently I do handle everything alone. From time to time I outsource some work, like content production, coding or more complicated OnPage-SEO.

3. What sector is your start-up in? is „based“ in the eCommerce niche. To say it more detailed: Home & Living

4. How would you briefly evaluate the current situation for building up a start-up in Germany?

In my Opinion evaluating this situation briefly would end in a horror monolog. I guess the Start-Up community in Germany is lost and most Entrepreneurs and Founders feel lonely. Lets take a quick look over to our friends from the US. What kind of Start-Ups do we see there? AIRBNB, UBER, FACEBOOK – just to name the famous one. They got unrealistic founding over a hundreds of millions dollars. They fund high risk Investments as we eat toasts. Back to Germany they got scared if you want to fund a project with 50.000 and create Comedy Shows like „Höhle der Löwen“. We definitely need a big Change in the future.

5. What kinds of support do you as a company receives at the moment and why? (support = das könnte z.b. finanzielle Mittel/Investments sein, aber auch strategische Hilfestellungen durch Networking oder einem Mentor)

This question is „half-way“ answered before. There are some possibilities, but only if you have a well written business plan and around 879 other Documents. They is ancient. For sure you need a well planned Roadmap, but you don’t need a Business-Plan to start. My tip is to grow your network. Connect with people in your Industry, make them your Friends. Get your work done. If you don’t like to talk to people in person, you can try Websites like to connect – but i recommend to improve your networking skills.

6. Did you also consider other options? If yes, why didn’t you go for one of the other options?

I bootstrap my way to the top. My goal is to achieve everything on my on. And its 100% possible. 

7. What do you consider as the main problems / challenges for your company to grow?

Lets be honest. Its always the same problem for young Founders, this tiny little Monster is called: Money. It al comes down to money. The success is so heavily relied on SEO, Marketing – what do you think you can do without Money? 

8. What kind of support would have helped your company in facing the challenges?

More money. More Sales = Chance to grow the company 

9. What is your strategy to grow?

Making growth Strategies public would be a big mistake. But what I can say is, that we try to go with more Strategic SEO, Content Marketing and Visual Marketing. If you want to sell something for 50, sell something for 80. 

10. How do you see your company in the future in terms of facing upcoming trends?

Since 2014 we constantly spy Trends on the Web. We will keep that Work up. And, one of the most important Things: We take care of our Costumers. There Feedback is our passion.

11. If you could start all over again, what would you do differently? What hints / advice would you give to other start-ups / entrepreneurs?

This is a pretty good Question. I think I would outsource a little more Work from the beginning. I would invest my money in different Things. But to put it all in a nutshell, I enjoyed the Experience I made. May advice could sound a little weird (and maybe familiar), but: Your not a failure unless you quit. There will be hard Times, but don’t give up. Every Failure is just a lesson. Be proud you learned from it.

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